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Best 2048


Now you can play Best2048 puzzle game endlessly without any interprets. *Slide Up, Down, Left and Right to make combinations.* Highest Score: Create Tile2048 is first challenge. However you can achieve Tile 4096 or Tile 8192 or More. Lowest Score: 84 is lowest score. Can you achieve less than this.?With the help of undo feature, You can easily achieve 2048,4096,8192,16384 or even 32768! Go and achieve +2048.
Features:-1) You can play in either Landscape or Portrait Mode. 2) You can undo your last move.3) Game will auto save.4) Smooth Slides and Animation5) One Click Play Game.6) Undo till 5 levels.7) Batter Saving Mode. (Hiding Status Bar and Notification Bar during GamePlay with Dark Theme).8) Your Score will be saved automatically
Many more features are coming! Share your feedback! Thanks!
Best of Luck!